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Luxembourg Dreaming

Knock Knock!!! Can I please come into your Bubblegum Dreamland? This isn’t my neighbourhood but I wish I could live close to these walls!! I cannot get enough of these wonderful murals in Niederkorn, Luxembourg. These walls just get ME!!! The one from the photo above is from a Luxembourgish artist, called Sumo. Big problem here in Niederkorn:

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Donut Heaven

I am wearing: Asos skirt, bomber and earrings, Nara Hayley donut purse, Isabel Lu blouse, broaches and Truffle Collection boots. Have a very good weekend my friends!! Anna            

The Power Of Coats

The coat season is here again!!! And even if I love the summer, I LOVE my coat collection. They are totally underrated by our society. Bomber jackets are so trendy right now, but they are sadly worthless in the winter. Coats change a whole outfit in an instant, and they can totally dress up or dress down

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